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Call for offers

Call for offers

Ice Advisors’ navigational service is available to the customer as either a contracted service with a predetermined minimum number of required journeys, or on a random basis whenever the service is required.

Contract customers will receive a discounted price that corresponds to the amount of assistance required. No value-added tax is added to the price of the Ice Advisory service.

Price in random journeys

Ice Advisors Ltd shall pay the salary, insurance or medical cost and all other employer’s expenses of the ice advisor, who shall remain legally Ice Advisors Ltd ’s employee.

Service Fee at sea EUR 2.700,- per each 24 hrs at sea
Service Fee at destination port: EUR 1.700,- per each 24 hrs at port
Calculating principle: Ice Advisor's total hours aboard the Vessel, whether at sea or at port, are to be invoiced accordingly:
In total:  (Total hours at sea / 24) x EUR 2.700,- + (Total hours at port / 24) x EUR 1.700,-.

The ice advisor service is not subject to Finnish VAT.
No other service fees will be included in the total sum to be invoiced.

Contact for an offer

Please feel free to contact us for an offer.
Tel. +358 (0) 40 741 4625
e-mail: info@finnpilot.fi
Kari Kosonen, kari.kosonen@finnpilot.fi 



Remuneration for the service given shall be paid in accordance with the above specified fees as issued from time to time by Ice Advisors Ltd. Travelling costs will be invoiced separately:

Sea tranfers (R/T) by Pilot Cutter EUR 285,- per run hour
Travelling by ice advisor's own car and daily allowances EUR 0,44 per kilometer driven and allowance 40 EUR per each 24 hrs.
Public transportation In full, according to actual ticket cost

In respect of any request for reimbursement, this must be supported by relevant receipts/invoices.