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Ice Advisors assist shipmasters on vessels navigating the icy conditions with the aim of ensuring the safest and most efficient route to the port of destination.

Ice Advisors’ navigators must be reserved five days (three days for contract customers) prior to the vessel’s arrival in icy waters. At the time the reservation is made, the decision is also made as to where and when (estimated) the navigator will board the vessel. The vessel is responsible for updating its exact arrival date daily. One day prior to the actual arrival, an exact place and time for the navigator to board the vessel is established.

The navigators recommend both strategic and tactical routing, and even advise the vessel’s management team on cold weather precautions not directly related to navigation.

The navigator assists the shipmaster for the entire length of the journey. He leaves the vessel on the return journey at a predetermined location.

The location and time of departure is agreed upon no later than one day in advance. The service orderer will receive a report upon the completion of the journey. The report is based on the navigator’s log and the feedback of the shipmaster.


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