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Why Ice Advisors?

Why Ice Advisors?

Transit in waters covered by ice is a challenge that must be met with skill, knowledge and innovation. The ability to predict the movement of ice and to choose the safest routes is based on access to the latest ice and weather information in combination with experience and professional expertise gained under similar conditions.

Ice Advisors are armed with the best sources of information on the ice conditions and years of experience in winter navigation. Ice Advisors have access to satellite images, and real time information on ice conditions.

An Ice Advisor has a full understanding of the physics of sea ice formation and degradation, and the effects of wind and current. This know-how enables the navigator to provide daily and hourly recommendations to the bridge team.

This information makes it possible to avoid routes in which a vessel might become ice-bound for several days. Such delays increase transport costs, such as lay day rental expenses, operating costs, crew costs and fuel costs, all of which can be quite considerable.

A safe route helps ships to steer clear of collision dangers and ridged ice traps, thereby preventing environmental catastrophes in all waters with ice conditions. The experienced professionals at Ice Advisors provide shipmasters with all the information they need to choose the safest route for their vessel.